LaTeX in Ubuntu

image of synaptic from simplehelp.netFor anyone interested in getting a TeX system set up in Ubuntu, it really couldn’t be easier. If you’re comfortable with the command-line, just open up a terminal and type “sudo apt-get install texlive-base” (without the quotes!) and then give it your password at the prompt.

For those, like myself, who are passionately in love with GUI‘s, Just open up Synaptic package manager from the “System” menu. Search for Texlive-base and click the box next to it and then click the “Apply” button. If you end up needing other LaTeX packages that don’t come with the basic installation, just look around in Synaptic for other Texlive-whatever packages.

The editor I use is called Texmaker, and is open source and cross-platform. To get it, first make sure that you have community-maintained repositories enabled. To do this, in Synaptic click on Settings and then Repositories, and click the box next to “community-maintained . . .”. Then you can search for texmaker in Synaptic and click the box next to it. Click the “Apply” button, and Synaptic will take care of everything for you.

Or, of course, in a terminal enter “sudo apt-get install texmaker”.

3 thoughts on “LaTeX in Ubuntu

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the newbs blog!

    So I install LaTex and Texmaker using your instructions (Synaptic Package Manager) “LaTeX in Ubuntu” but when I go to PDFlatex (F6) I get the following log:
    “Process started

    kpathsea: Running



    mktexfmt: no info for format `pdflatex’.

    Process exited with error(s)”

    -And can’t view the pdf (says it can’t find the file).



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