Still haven’t used Hardy Heron…

It makes me sad. Every time I try to burn a new Ubuntu distro to try out my laptop, the stupid CD ends up with some sort of error. Without fail (or, actually, with fail). I’ve tried downloading with the browser, DownThemAll, uTorrent, as well as different computers, burners, and CDs. What can I be doing wrong for all of these situations?

Anyway, my previous Xubuntu installation broke somehow and so can’t update to 8.04. Now my only option is to go back to the only working installation disks I have, from version 6.10 Feisty Fawn. I really should just use Feisty, as it works beautifully and never gave me any trouble (and the computer I’ll be running it on is a bit slow), but I’d like to fiddle with the Heron. So I’m installing 6.10, and then I’ll update it, and then upgrade to 7, and then update that, and then upgrade it to 8.04. I imagine the process will take something along the lines of, oh, 500 years. But what can you do?

Also, apparently you can’t buy single CDs from anywhere. You can get a $12 DVD from Amazon with all kinds of unnecessary bells and whistles or a pack of 20 from Canonical. Of course, I could also get the free CD, but that would take 6-10 weeks! I’d happily pay for a regular, old-fashioned alternate-install CD. That option is missing, and I imagine someone could make some money doing it.

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