Ubuntu 8.04 Released!

It’s true, the Hardy Heron has landed. I’m rather excited, and have just started the installation on my laptop. We’ll see how it goes…

If you have always been curious what the fuss is about, but have been afraid to try out Ubuntu, there is a perfectly simple and safe way you can test-drive it. Go over to the Wubi website to download something called the Wubi installer. This installs into Windows just like any other piece of software, except that you can now boot into the Ubuntu operating system. After installation, just restart Windows and you’ll be presented with a screen asking which OS to use. Use the arrow keys to highlight Ubuntu, then push “Enter”. Now you are running Ubuntu! To get out of it, just restart and pick Windows instead. Once back in Windows you can uninstall Wubi if you never want to use it again, or if you have decided to go ahead and make the switch…

For anyone who doesn’t need to be convinced, go ahead and download Hardy Heron from the Ubuntu website. It will, by default, provide you with a download that includes the “Live CD”. This isn’t another CD, it just means that you can boot into Ubuntu from the CD before you even install the operating system. This has some advantages, like trying it out to make sure you want it and the comfort of a nice GUI. It’s pretty slow, though, and makes installation time longer (especially for slower computers). So I would check the box underneath the download button that says “Check here if you need the alternate . . .”

You can also request a free CD (you just pay shipping and the cost of the CD) or buy CDs in bulk or DVDs from Amazon.

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