Intense couple days

So I found out last night, around 10, that I’ll be giving the lecture today for a biology class that I’m TAing. The subject is origin of life and basic organic chemistry. Fortunately the prof has all of the materials ready, so I just have to make sure I know it well enough to teach it (I think I do).

As soon as that is done a portion of my family arrives in town, which I will immediately follow by going to help set up for our concert tonight. Then we have a short rehearsal before the concert itself. So I’m booked from now until midnight-ish.

And tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with the fam in the morning/afternoon, and then meeting with guys from CMAC to rework parts of our bylaws. Then I’ll probably do some more hanging out with family (perhaps the hookah bar…).

On Sunday I’ll have to plan Monday’s lecture just in case, so I think it is probably clear to anyone reading this that I will not even be thinking about posting anything until next week. It’s awfully hard to keep up that one-post-a-day rate!

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