Common Misunderstandings

While tag surfing I came across this guy’s blog. He has posted a paper (direct download link via his site) that he wrote on how evolution is a religion and has no supporting evidence, closing with this sentence: “After investigating the evidences for evolution, one, if unbiased, must come to the conclusion that evolution is not indisputable fact, but in fact a religion with very little backing and proofs.”

The paper contains a lot of misunderstanding of the theory of evolution, as well as how science in general actually works. I think these misunderstandings are quite common within the American population, especially those with limited science experience. So, I think it will be very useful for me to do a detailed, line-by-line, breakdown of this paper for all to enjoy. I plan on putting a fair bit of work into it though, so it will likely be a few days.

[Read the conclusion!]

5 thoughts on “Common Misunderstandings

  1. Chardin’s idea conflicts with science because his idea is teleological – he suggests that evolution has a goal.

  2. I’m not sure how likely it is that you’ll actually read this comment, but I wanted to respond because I thought you might be interested. I am the same Kevin Porter that you rebutted with your blog series here, I guess it was three years ago. I wanted to tell you that I was wrong.

    It’s a fairly long story, and I don’t suppose the details are all too important, but I thought it would be gratifying to know that you had an impact on my then (and often still) ignorant mind. Over the years since I posted all the religious and pseudoscientific information on my blog, I have gone from right-wing Christian creationist to a nearly-socialist atheist. And I now accept evolution as the fact that it undoubtedly is.

    I owe you a “thanks” for the time you spent chinking away at the stone wall that had been built that prevented me from reasoning. Between you and others, I was among the relative few who actually get to see the light that is scientific understanding. You might feel that this is blown out of proportion, but Adam, you really were the first person that made an effort to help me think. Thank you.

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