Caffeine, my old friend

I’ve had the caffeine monkey off of my back for about six months now (please, hold your applause). It had gotten to the point where I felt like crap nearly all the time, even with a small amount of caffeine in the morning. So I quit. It wasn’t all that hard really. I did the diminishing amount trick over two weeks, starting with my original amount and then just diluting it every other day to about 3/4 strength. There was only a little grumpiness/headachiness.

Anyway, I went to make some coffee today while hanging out at my mother’s, and only found one thing of grounds. So I just thought, “hope this is decaf.” It wasn’t. And neither was the second cup. Now I’m rather fidgety.  I had forgotten what caffeination felt like, and my sensitivity has gone way up in these sober months. I’ll be crashing hard in a few hours.

5 thoughts on “Caffeine, my old friend

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  2. I feel terrible that as your mother I have assisted in returning you to the dark side, if only briefly. A sound home should be free of drug influences. Where did I go wrong?

  3. If I’d known it was that easy to return you to the dark side, I’d have ladeled (ladelled?) coffee down your gullet every day for the past week.

  4. I meant “ladled,” of course — it’s hard to believe I used to win spelling bees.

  5. Hard to believe indeed!

    It, in fact, is not that easy to return me to the darkside. Quite the contrary. I found the caffeine effects unpleasant and unwelcome. So I was more reinforced to remain on the light side.

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