Firefox, Part (6): Extensions – Foxmarks

This extensions adds some function to your bookmarks. This is especially useful for anyone who uses multiple computers.

Essentially, what Foxmarks does is have you create an account on a server (a computer connected to the internet that hosts a website or email or other service) somewhere and store your bookmarks there. You never have to worry about migrating your bookmarks, because Foxmarks will have them backed up for you. If you use multiple computers it becomes much easier to have your bookmarks synchronized.

Privacy warning: Your bookmarks will be stored on another computer that you have no control over. Check out their Privacy Policy before you decide to use the service.

Once you’ve followed the link and installed Foxmarks, you’ll find that it’s easy to setup. After restarting, a window will pop up called “Foxmarks setup wizard.” Follow the link that asks “need to set up an account?” and provide a username and password. Make sure you can remember both! Remember when using Foxmarks: the “server” that they are talking about is their computer that is storing your bookmarks. It is also referred to as the remote (as in far away) bookmark set. Your bookmarks are called the local set (the ones stored on your computer). So, if Foxmarks ever asks you if you want to “override the local set with the remote set,” that means replace your bookmarks with whatever is on their server. As long as you keep the terminology straight you’ll have nothing to worry about.

So that’s that. Now you have your bookmarks stored remotely, and Foxmarks is by default set to automatically synchronize your local set with the remote set. So when you add a new bookmark, it gets added to their server as well. All you need to do on your other computers is install Foxmarks (with Firefox, of course) and log into your account. You’ll never have to worry about your bookmarks again.

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