Firefox, Part (4): Changing Themes

Another of the beauties of Firefox: you can change the way everything looks. The possibilities are quite endless, and there are plenty of user-created themes to choose from. In this post I’ll show you where to get themes, and how to install and apply them. For those who are satisfied with the default theme, move on to the next post.

Go to the Mozilla Themes repository, which has a large collection of user-generated themes. You’ll see on the first page that you can browse by category, browse all, or look at them ranked by popularity or how new they are. I would suggest going by category.

Look through them until you find something that looks interested, and then click the name to get to the download page. As with the previous post, click the giant green button to install the themes. Also as in the previous post, you’ll have to restart Firefox to switch themes. I would suggest going through and installing several themes that you like, and then restarting once you have finished.

Once you have restarted Firefox, click Menu (if you’re using Tiny Menu), then Tools and Addons. After clicking the “Themes” tab, you’ll see a list of your themes on the left, and a preview window on the right. Many themes will not provide a preview. To switch themes, simply click the theme you want and then the button “Use Theme” that appears. This will require a restart, so I recommend that you go ahead and install the QuickRestart extension. This will let you simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+R to restart Firefox whenever you want. This is pretty useful if you are doing a lot of Theme switching.

You can switch themes and download others as you please. Don’t get too carried away, since these do take up hard drive space (though not much).

Now that you have Firefox looking the way you want, it’s time to start adding all of the extensions. In the next few posts, I’ll go through which extensions I think are the most useful and how to use them.

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