Firefox, Part (1): Download and Setup

This tutorial is for Firefox 2 on a Windows system. Please review my Disclaimer before you go on.

First, go to the Mozilla website and click on the giant green button that says “Download Firefox – Free.” It will take you to another page and then present you with a popup asking where you want to install it (depending on which browser you are currently using). Save to your Desktop. The setup file is small, so this should only take a few minutes with a decent internet connection.

Once it has finished downloading, go to your Desktop and double-click the file. It will be called something like “Firefox Setup” and have an icon that looks like a box with a disk propped up next to it.

Firefox will show you a “Welcome” dialogs. Just click “Next”. Read the License Agreement, if interested, and then click the radio button next to “I accept”. The next dialog asks if you want a Standard or Custom installation. Choose Custom and click “Next”.

Firefox will then show you the optional components. Leave both checked and click “Next”. The next dialog will ask where you want Firefox installed. By default it goes into your Program Files in a folder called “Mozilla Firefox.” I change this to “Firefox,” just because it’s shorter and easier for me to remember when I’m looking for it. You can do the same or leave it the way it is; it doesn’t really matter.

Setup will then ask you which shortcuts you want. This is totally up to you. Personally, I leave all unchecked but Startup Menu, since I use Launchy to start my programs. Click “Next”.

Choose what you want the Startup folder to be (this is what will appear when you click on your Start Menu and then “all programs”). Again, I would change it from “Mozilla Firefox” to simply “Firefox”. Now hit install, and you’re ready to go! Go ahead and launch Firefox.

It will ask you if you want to import anything from other browsers. If you have been using Internet Explorer or something else, and want to keep your bookmarks, say “yes.” Firefox will then import all your old info.

You’ll then end up with the default Firefox browser!

At this point you might as well paste this url:

into your Firefox location bar (shown in the above screenshot) and hit enter. Now you are looking at my site, only in Firefox!

At this point, you could be done. But then there would be little point in having Firefox in the first place if you didn’t do some customization.

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