Ben Folds stole my pocket knife!

That was a lie. Sorry! But it’s a little true…

I got the pocket knife over Christmas break at the “Coster Family Christmas.” They do a little gift exchange thing every year, where you get to fight over which present you get. I ended up getting a nice Winchester knife set, including two pocket knives and a big hunting knife. When I got back to Chicago, I carried the knife with me everywhere because, well, knives are useful!

So I went to a Ben Folds concert tonight in Mandel Hall (at the UofC). After waiting in line for a 45 minutes (after the doors were opened!) we finally got to the entrance of Mandel, where we were promptly frisked by security guards. I had forgotten to take the knife out of my pocket before I left. The guard felt it, had me remove it, then confiscated it and said “you know you can’t get this back.” I didn’t know this. But I didn’t have much choice, and I came with a group who needed to find seats so I didn’t want to slow them down by arguing with the guy. So I just left.

I really liked that little Winchester, and I’m hoping to get it back. I don’t know what they do with them, if they confiscate them forever. There must be a way…

[!!UPDATE!! Got it back! I just had to send a nice email to one of the students in charge, and he found it for me. Nice guy.]

Anyway, the concert was awesome. Ben Folds is quite good, and a very entertaining performer. Apparently he and his new group just finished a new recording, and we were the second stop on their first tour afterwards.

Since my first year here, I haven’t really listened to much music. Probably because of this, I often find myself getting emotionally drawn in to music that isn’t even emotionally charged. During the entire performance my brain was wandering around, searching for some unknown thing. It felt like I was missing something.

It seems that this has something to do with my recent decision not to pursue med school yet. I really don’t know what I want to do with my life at all. I know I want to solve problems. Big problems. I want to fix people, but more so in the social than individual sense. The idea of doing medical science sounded great because it seemed that would be an ideal position for me to be able to make a difference. But I’m not sure that’s the kind of difference I want to make.

The way humanity is fractured along lines of ideals and beliefs bothers me tremendously. I can’t stand the way that knowledge is used to control the ignorant, or that ignorance is used to silence the knowledgeable. Listening to the concert, seeing the crowd react as a pleased whole to something larger than themselves made me feel like this is the problem that I want to fix. It was beautiful to see such a large group appear to completely ignore any differences amongst themselves. For those two hours, they all had something in common.

Of course, this is sort of a large problem. Even if I could eventually make an impact, what path can I choose to get myself to that position?

One thought on “Ben Folds stole my pocket knife!

  1. Adam:

    The other day at David’s you mentioned a computer language that Mike should be learning/exploring. What was the name of that language? What does it do? Why should he learn it? Is it a language “of the future?”

    Any help you can provide would be ‘preciated. Good to see you guys, too. David (and Julie) (and Kevin) certainly have three fine sons.

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