Mr. Talent and LaTeX

CMAC just performed for its first ever Mr. University contest. We didn’t win, but we won one of the two secondary honors: Mr. Talent!

The man of the hour was one Alex Meyer, who has the voice of an angel. He belted out a lovely rendition of Loch Lomond, with the rest of us behind doing the standard choral stuff. The crowd loved it. It was the quietest that they had been all night, and as soon a we were finished there was massive screaming and cheering.

The whole Mr. University event was rather surreal. There were 10 guys competing for the honor, representing fraternites, the swim and crew teams, student government, and our singing group. It started with a swim wear contest, which I found rather silly. The guys came marching out in various states of undress, pranced a bit and then ran back of stage. One of the frat representatives did a little routine that made me wonder if he pays for college by being a stripper…

The talent portion was… interesting. That’s really the only way to describe it. It ranged from so awful that I wanted to remove the performers from the gene pool to pretty impressive. Unfortunately, it was mostly on the bottom end of that scale. The guy who actually won the thing, Mr. Swim Team, did a pretty impressive dance thing with “Better, Faster, Stronger” and some other current pop songs.

All in all, it was a fun event. I am pretty confident that doing it was good for CMAC and should have helped get our name out a bit for concerts. Good publicity. I am still pretty glad, though, that this is the only year I went.

On a completely unrelated topic, I finally finished posting a tutorial on how to install a TeX system onto windows! I’ve been wanting to do this for nigh on 6 months, and just never quite did. I still have a lot to do, since I’d like to keep adding stuff about how to actually write TeX documents, but it’s a good start.

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