Again with the long-time-ness

So I have decided that, after this post, I will no longer point out that “it has been so long since I posted anything!” because it will clearly be that way every time. It appears that I’m rolling approximately a post per quarter (though I seem to have missed spring quarter), and I imagine that is the rate that it it will stay.

Things have been rather calm lately. I am currently in the second week of the second summer quarter of Chinese. This class is rough, though a lot of fun. We are covering material so quickly that I constantly feel like I’m too far behind to catch up. Apparently, that is the way we are supposed to feel, so I guess everything is going as planned. So far I can introduce myself and talk about my immediate family (though the only occupations I can say are “lawyer” and “doctor”…), and do a little bit of discussing courses. While watching Chinese movies I can pull out words here and there, but am generally lost in the flow. I think of it a bit like a ribosome shooting across a strand of mRNA: I start on the AUG and start chugging along, but then suddenly slip and BAM! I’m in another reading frame. The result is effed up proteins that don’t don’t speak Chinese, and can even work as prions to screw up any correct proteins that get produced later. I guess there’s nothing for it but to study more.

I should be getting my MCAT results back in a couple days. I have to admit not looking forward to them, as I completely underestimated the test (and overestimated my level of preparation for said test). At the same time, I would really like to know so that I can stop thinking about it. I figure that, worse comes to worst, I’ll have to take the test again this winter, and I’ll spend much much MUCH more time studying for the thing (as in more than the two days prior to the test…).

That’s all I really have to report at the moment, especially since it is nearly midnight (I am way to old for my age) and I need to get up to study Chinese for 10ish hours. Zai jian.

– Yadan

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