Long time no write

What’s it been… four months? Who knows, who cares. I have decided to try to get back into this thing, as I believe that it may be good for my creative output (which all of this damn science has gotten me lacking).

First, a thought before I forget about it:

As I was walking home, all of 10 minutes ago, I passed a mailman who was being chased down by an Orthodox Jew (as judged by the man’s clothing) who had apparently forgotten a piece of mail. This in itself is uninteresting. However, I got to thinking as I looked at the guy…

By seeing the Jewish man’s clothing, I immediately associated him with a bunch of ideas. I pictured him getting up in the morning and putting on the same clothes as always, going through the same religious routines as always, and filtering all of the days information through a static filter set up by these routines. This is slightly more interesting.

Back to his clothing. I began to picture those items no longer as clothes, but as armor. An armor of beliefs. The only reason it appeared to me as such was that it was so visibly apparent. The man had his religion placed on the outside of his person, displaying it to the world and serving as a filter to the world.

The filter works in this way: anyone who sees this man will feel closed off from him, as the visible armor shelters the man from those on the outside who do not share his beliefs. This is not due to close-mindedness or intolerance on either end; it is simply apparent that the mans way of life is drastically different and outside the life of anyone who does not share his belief system.

So then I got to thinking of beliefs in general as sort of force-fields against the world. Imagine a wispy, transparent cloud (resembling a heat wave) around a person that is filled with ideas and biases. All information coming in and going out is filtered by these ideas and biases.

But now we can forget religion entirely, since at its base it is just a collection of ideas and biases… but where does that leave us? A shield of ideas and biases, collected by experience, around every person. If that collection is visibly apparent (e.g. the Orthodox Jew) the individual will be seen by outsiders as a symbol of that collection. What I mean is that, for example, when I saw the Orthodox Jew I did not picture him as an individual but as a representative of Judaism.

Thus, the Shields of many individuals are visibly identifiable by representations made by the individuals themselves (hair, clothing, etc). The more visually apparent a Shield is, the less likely it is for a differently Shielded individual to have a genuine social interaction with that person. What we end up with is filters filtering filtered ideas in both directions. Any communication must pass between two shields, and any response must do the same, leading to quadruple filtration through bias and idea for any mutual social interaction.

Without straining this idea too much further, I think we can see that breaking down our Shields will do nothing but promote social interaction. The problem is that everyone would have to be an individual, instead of a representative of a collective. I don’t think this is possible, but wouldn’t it be nice?


Ah, that felt nice. Haven’t had a good Humanities moment in some time. On that note, I may have made a few life-altering decisions:

I am thinking that almost for sure I want to become a DoctorLawyer (in that order) [Note: that changed after not too long to just doctor. Now it’s completely up in the air.]. To that end, I will need to take more writing/humanities-esque classes. So, I will have to drop the Biochem major. This decision was helped along by the fact that Inorganic chemistry SUCKS ASS. Giant ass. Perhaps blue whale ass. I am not going to be a scientist, so the information I would get in the class is not really helpful [Note: also not necessarily true anymore]. Statistics, however, would be quite helpful. I will likely drop Inorganic and pick up Stat, with the end result being that I have forfeited the possibility of majoring in Biochem. Which is why I have not completely decided whether or not this is what I want to do… Ah well. In time.

In closing, I have about a thousand other things to talk about, but I have things that need to get done, so I will do my best to keep this creature up-to-date.

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