Kitten sack

Here I sit on a Wednesday afternoon eating delicious rice pudding and watching Yoshi sleep. We got the poor guy back from the vet last night, and he was in a state that consisted of growling and hissing at random objects (and the air). He was quite happy to see the gf and me, however, and calmed down once we got him home. He has a slight limp and only wakes up for a half hour at a time to eat cardboard (apparently those boxes just beg to be murdered), but he seems to be getting more normal. There were several very sad moments last night when he attempted to jump onto something, such as the table or a chair, and couldn’t make it, falling heavily onto the floor and then making sad little mewing sounds. Poor creature. I’ll be interested to see how his behavior is once he is healed and more energetic.

I played Gunman Chronicles for a bit last night, but found that it is not great game. It is fun, just not that fun. I’ve been busy with other things and have not been looking up cool software and such like I was when the gf was gone, so I do not have much to report on that front. I am trying to figure out these RSS feed things, which are still beyond me at the moment. I will be using to Google Reader beta to get a handle on it before I go venturing into the more mainstream ones I think, whatever those might be. It seems like a great system, since you simply plug in the sites (if they use RSS or XML, whatever the hell that really means) and then Reader will only display to you the information from those sites that have changed since you last looked at it. Probably quite useful for those who have multiple sites to check every day.

I do not have a lot to say at the moment, as my mind seems to be floating away to some other part of the world. Or maybe sinking is more accurate. In any event, I must also go check my little yeast friends and see how they are growing. They will be done tonight or tomorrow morning, and this project will be one step closer to the end (though there are many more steps left). Perhaps the next post will contain some embedded pictures, as I have not tried that out yet. I don’t even know if I am allowed to on the free account…

Keep on Truckin’

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