Kitten Balls

This morning felt rather productive. The girlfriend (gf) and I got up a bit before 8, threw Yoshimitsu into a carrier and walked him to the vet. There we left him hissing and whining to be drugged into unconsciousness and then detesticled!!! Apparently he didn’t like the idea.

Yoshi has chilled out quite a bit over the past week or so, to the point where we may have to drop his nickname “The Destroyer”. Or perhaps change it to “The Damager”. He has also managed to develop a bit more coordination and an ability to land lighter after falls, so we can no longer called him Cinder Block (or Bloque, to add some pretentiousness) either. Now he’ll just be Yoshi, though I think I prefer it that way.

My father and Kevin came up this weekend (as I mentioned before) and now the place looks pretty damn amazing. The walls are a deep, blood red and the ceiling a bizarre and very cool sand texture/color. The radiator now radiates light as well as heat, as it is painted a shiny copper color, and the living room is actually lit, since the ceiling fan was replaced with an overhead light. Everything is clean as a whistle, and all that really remains is to organize the shelves. That will suck.

Lab work is going still. We have finally narrowed down the chemical library to a tiny 29 possible inhibitors, which just feels damn fantastic. And on top of that, the experiment I started yesterday has shown that one of those also inhibits wildtype, bringing the total to 28! Ha! Our plan is to break this group into three: most promising, least promising, and sort of promising. These we will test separately in hopes of finding something that is a very clear and definite inhibitor. I hope we find one soon.

The first-years arrive this weekend, apparently, which means that school starts in about a week and half. I’m looking forward to having some work to do that will feel educative, or perhaps educatey or educateful. It looks like my classes will be Intermediate O-Chem, Genetics of Model Organisms, Ecology and Evolution, and Physics. Should be a fantastically interesting quarter.

So, until next time, remember:

Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.

-Babe Ruth’s Ghost, The Sandlot

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