I wear my sunglasses at night….

This new trend of gigantic, hideous sunglasses with thick white outlines has my hopes up for our future of wearing face shields everywhere we go. Seriously, within the decade we should all be walking around with Stormtrooper-esque facemasks. Wouldn’t that be bitchin’?

Seriously though, at first I just found it cute in a sad, stupid sort of way (you know, like when a kitten runs into a wall). Now I feel myself getting slightly angry. Why can’t trendy things be sensible and practical? Though I guess giant glasses do make sunscreen unnecessary for the face.

My father and Kevin are coming up tomorrow to begin what will likely prove to be a marathon of painting. Hopefully, we will have the place taped up and ready to go by that time. We shall see.

I got my hands on a copy of the Gunman Chronicles, finally. It’s just as amazing (and pixelated) as I remember. And on the software note, there is a really useful program called Alcohol 120%, which is not free, but quite possibly worth the cost. To some [Note: I have more recently found Daemon Tools, which is free. I’ve had trouble finding it again, though]. Basically, the program takes the image of a CD or DVD (thought I’m not exactly sure what that means) so that you can save any games, music CDs, or DVDs as images. This doesn’t sound that useful, until you realize that, for example, you can save a game to your computer without installing it or anything, in exactly the same way it appears on the disk (I guess this is what is meant by image). Then, you can burn a copy of that same CD/DVD that is exactly the same as the original copy without needing a second disk drive. Now you see that it is indeed useful.

However, here’s the feature that really makes it an impressive program: Alcohol 120% makes virtual disk drives that you can use to play the images you have stored on your computer. This means you can play any game/movie/CD that requires a disk without the disk [Note: VLC media player allows you to play .iso movies]! Assuming you have the hard drive space. The other reason this is useful is that your computer is way faster than your disk drive, so there will be no lag or errors (you don’t have to worry about scratches on a virtual disk!).

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