Labor(less) day!

What a nice frickin’ day! Turns out that there is no work for me, as the BSLC is quite closed and I cannot get in to run my experiment. Hopefully all goes well setting it up tomorrow, otherwise there will be an unaffordable one-week delay. That would be bad.

I’ve spent today doing nothing thus far. Trying out new software and such, here’s an interesting one I found on lifehacker:
GhostzillaThis program runs off of a CD or USB drive and is basically just a Mozilla browser. Here’s the cool thing: Ghostzilla embeds itself into whatever program you have open and on top at the time, and has varying levels that allow you to camouflage your searching. At the highest level, the browser has light gray text and pictures that don’t open until you put the mouse over them, and when they do open are in a light grayscale. If the mouse is moved out of the window, the browser disappears and you can see whatever application it was embedded in again. To make it reappear, just move the mose to the left side of the scree, then to the right, then back to the left again. The browser deletes everything it caches etc when you close it, so that no trace is left on the computer.

Of course, this is pretty useless for me, but its target audience is those at desk jobs who have little to do and much time to do it, but are not allowed to explore the Internet. I tried it out, and found it pretty nifty but too much a pain in the ass for a casual user.

And perhaps the best extension for Firefox:
NoScriptThis blocks all Java Scripts from every webpage unless you allow them, which is easy to do since it puts a little “S” in the status bar that you can just click on and then click “allow [website]”. Basically, no pop-ups or banner adds or the like is even able to appear. You need it. Download it.

Alright, back to real life. Sort of. My newly-developed animation hobby needs some direction, as the tedium of whiteboard animation is too much for me to handle. However, while looking at the inner workings of MonkeyJam, I discovered that you can import audio files into it, and that the editor actually shows you the waveform-things on each frame. You can then just click on the frame to hear what sound lines up with it! This means that I can make an animation that speaks or sings or whatever. So, I think I am going to try it first with a white-board, perhaps just with a creepy guy saying “hello, I am a creepy guy” or something. If that goes well, perhaps I will switch to a more practical (and asthetically pleasing) construction paper character. Things would be much simpler that way. More to come.

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