Two 40’s

Ah, 2:00 in the morning and all’s well! Roger and myself have completed something amazing, and I would like to share it with everyone who is willing to watch it! We began with Roger saying, “let’s call it Two 40’s!” and me saying “okay!”. Next thing you know, we have this little gem. I spent a lot of time editing it (mostly consisting of trying to obtain a suitable video editor) and both of us spent a lot of time animating it (over 800 frames!) so please enjoy it! I prefer doing a Google Video search for “Two 40’s”, as it is rather pleasing to me to have it show up on the top of the list. Otherwise, just click on my amazing html action link that doesn’t display to you the actual address!!! [Note: this is when I was first starting to figure out HTML, so it was all amazing…] Sorry, that won’t happen again (often). Anyway, it’s time to go pull some laundry out of the dryer and then promptly pass out in the well air-conditioned bedroom. Good night!

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