Sunday Night

Tomorrow is a UofC-recognized holiday! I guess that’s good, but I may not be able to get into the BSLC (Biological Sciences Learning Center) to run my experiment. That would be fine, except it requires a good four days of yeast-growth, which might get risky if I start it on Tuesday. So I guess I’ll just get up early and go investigate the situation. That reminds me that I need to go mess with some data in Excel… But first!:

I have completed another animation. It is really bad and completely nonsensical. I sat down and tried to think of either a storyline or character that would be interesting and fun to work with, but I came up with nothing. So I drew a mountainous background. Then I made a bird fly across the corner. Whee. It turns out that MonkeyJam allows multiple layers, and that it combines them together so that you can make as many things as you want independent of one another, but existing simultaneously. So I made a guy peak out from behind the mountain. Then I thought, “crap, I don’t want to animate him going back behind the mountain– I guess I better make him… explode!” So I did. Then I didn’t want to animate the blood falling out of the screen, so I turned it into a demon and erased it from the middle… It all makes perfect sense, really. Finally, I made the mountain open up and a tongue stick out. Then the hole closed and the tongue fell down the side of the mountain. A very logical animation…

Anyway, click on the link to check it out at Google Video.

No other news to report at the moment, I don’t think. I bid you adieu!

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